We will maintain people's health and the harmony and stability of the ecological environment, and promote sustainable development of the industry.

Corporate Mission


Turn urban waste into urban mines, realize limited resources and unlimited recycling, and build a new generation of green, low-carbon, environmental protection new energy leader.

Corporate Vision


Integrity, quality based, integrity and quality is the business card of the enterprise.

Corporate values




Paersen Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was established on December 4, 2018, registered in Huazhou Industrial Park, Weinan City, with a registered capital of 199.3 million yuan, funded by Paersen  Industrial Development Co., LTD., Shenzhen Qianhai Hongsheng Technology Co., LTD.

The enterprise takes energy conservation and environmental protection as the basis of strategic planning and deployment, and carries out industrialization promotion of new technologies such as recycling and harmless waste lithium batteries, and is committed to building a resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprise.

It is the first enterprise in the region to pass the white list of "Industry Standard Conditions for Comprehensive Utilization of Waste power Battery for New Energy Vehicles" approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It is a double-qualified enterprise with echelon utilization and recycling in China.

It is the first enterprise in Northwest China with the processing capacity of the whole industry chain of automotive power lithium battery. It has the first-class qualification of recycling and dismantling of scrapped vehicles (including new energy vehicles), battery pack dismantling, hazardous waste disposal and renewable resource recycling service enterprises, and first-class qualification of solid waste treatment service enterprises, etc. It is a leading demonstration unit of environmental protection management, environmental management and sewage treatment.

2018 +

Establishment of the company

225 mu

Enterprise land area

199.3 million

Registered capital

400 +

Employees of the Company

Innovation in science and technology

We will build a new generation of green, low-carbon and environmentally friendly new energy leaders.

Tools for Innovation

The company invested in the introduction of foreign technology, equipment, talent at the same time is also constantly strengthening their own scientific and technological research and development level...

Advanced equipment

Continue to explore high efficiency process and equipment technology, at the same time research wet extraction and decomposition technology...

Mode of operation

We are committed to covering the whole industrial chain of solid waste disposal and realizing the recycling and harmless treatment of waste.

News and Information

We will build a new generation of green, low-carbon and environmentally friendly new energy leaders.

Three new standards for prevention and control of radioactive pollutants will be implemented

According to the information released on August 31 on the website of the Ministry of environmental protection(hereinafter referred to as"the Ministry of environmental protection"),the three national standards for the prevention and control of radioactive pollutants concerning the environmental radiation and radioactive waste treatment of nuclear power plants issued by the Ministry of environmental protection and the General Administration of quality supervision,inspection and Quarantine on February 18 this year will be implemented as of September 1


Emergence of environmental legal framework or seizure of illegal assets

The reporter of the economic reference exclusively learned that the Ministry of environmental protection is fully involved in economic legislation and policy-making in export,credit,law enforcement and other fields.With the joint participation of the Ministry of environmental protection,the national development and Reform Commission,the Ministry of Finance and the competent departments of the whole industry,agriculture,forestry


The 12th Five Year Plan of emission reduction released target allocation linked to the environment

Recently,the State Council issued the comprehensive work plan for energy conservation and emission reduction during the 12th Five Year Plan,which determined the total emission control objectives of chemical oxygen demand,ammonia nitrogen,sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide of all provinces(regions and cities)and the share of each region during the 12th Five Year Plan Period,and proposed"taking the total emission control of pollutants as the precondition of environmental impact assessment"and"carrying out the total amount of coal in three regions and six groups"There are 50 policies and measures such as control and implementation of denitration electricity price



We will build a new generation of green, low-carbon and environmentally friendly new energy leaders.