development path


So far, various businesses have been carried out steadily


2021-2-4 It obtained the Qualification Certificate of Scrap Vehicle Recycling and Disassembly Enterprise(including new energy)issued by Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce 2021-3-6 Project has been completed,and all devices have been put into trial production and operation in succession 2021-4-6 Shaanxi Hazardous Waste Business License issued by Weinan Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau was obtained 2021-9-15 Three companies including Gongqingcheng Road Venture Capital Partnership invested and invested 2021-10-29 Completion acceptance of project environmental assessment and safety assessment has been completed,and all production units have been put into operation 2021-11-6 It passed the acceptance of the white list of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China on the Industrial Norms and Conditions for the Comprehensive Utilization of Waste and Used Power Batteries for New Energy Vehicles.At present,it is the fifth enterprise in China that has obtained the dual qualification of cascade utilization and recycling


2020-9-1 Shaanxi Shunhe Enterprise Management Partnership and other three companies invested


2019-9-1 The construction of waste lithium batteries,scrapped automobiles,household appliances and hazardous waste comprehensive disposal project was started 2019-11-13 Shenzhen Qianhai Hongsheng Technology Co.,Ltd


2018-12-4 Registration